Star Wars The Last Jedi: Review

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This is a shmooa review, the movie will be broken down into a few categories with a bullet points instead of long-winded paragraphs. At the end there will be a straightforward conclusion. If you just want to know if its worth the price for a ticket, skip to the end.

Cinematography 2/2

Stellar, few scenes where it works perfectly, in space battles it is great, it's clear on Luke’s planet it works well *with rey being trained, works well with* the final battle

VFX 2/2

Really good effects
Impressive battles
Good rendering
Overall, it works and looks great

Plot 1/2

Lack of suspense
Cool "timeline" (movie takes course over the course of ~a day) but hard follow at times
Random liberal spiels - I have nothing against their meaning but they are really forced (like the rich are bad, female power) - it felt like someone from BuzzFeed hijakced the script for thirty minutes
There is a subplot that has no point and literally leads to nothing
Kylo-Rey relations are interesting in their developments, but there are a few moments that are odd
There were also a few new planets that were quite cool
Overall solid plot, but it had a lot of potential to be better

Characters 1.5/2

Overall, there were some cool new characters, and the acting for the most part was great

Poe: Excellent performance Finn: Good performance, some odd
moments with the maintenance girl love subplot, felt forced
Rey: Good training, but felt weaker than she was in this one, *struggle more with fighting also with Kylo
Kylo Still kind of a baby, some revelations that are nice, shirtless scene was odd
Maintenance Girl: She literally goes from “I repair pipes” to going on a mission with Finn to then fighting as a pilot, and then falling in love. Her character was just really out of place and didn’t fit at all
Harvard Professor: I didn’t really care that she was in the movie, but she ends up being heroic which is nice, however, What I dislike is the emphasis on how snobby and bratty she is only to turn out being right
Admiral Ackbar - great little return but sad he died
Leia: like how she is taking charge and cool we find out she has the force
Chewy: neat return although he doesn’t get much screen time
Luke: Hamill did a great job, but at some points due to his age the acting doesn’t hold up incredibly strongly
Hackerman: Loved this little character, stutter made him, I liked how odd and in place he was though
Snoke: Finally see him in full and he seems too powerful and all knowing to be killed by Kylo Ren

Misc .5/2

Kylo Shirtless: Absolutely no need for ths whatsoever and it was incredibly humoring to see how odd it looked. For some reason it seemed like he didn't have a belly button which was weird.
*“Laughable moments at awkward times”: There were times when their fleet was getting gunned down or they were in the middle of a crisis and someone cracks a joke which makes it weird
Aliens: Probably the saving grace of the misc section, they were cute, funny, and cool. There were three on Luke's planet which worked perfectly (I especially liked the one Luke milked), and then there were the ice dogs which didn't really work, but were cool.

Overall 7/10

Worth the price of a movie ticket, but I do have my problems with it. I'd say it was a good but not great movie - but it is worth seeing.


out of 10

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