Cave Painting Saying "Roblox 2" Carbon Dated To 3800BC, Leaving Scientists Baffled

Written by Musk Man

Roblox 2 On German Cave Wall

A recent discovery in a Southern German cave is causing mass chaos in the field of science, and in the community of Robloxers.

Nine days ago Yale archeologist Chadwick Berns uncovered a cave painting in Southern Germany, specifically a cave eight kilometers south of Freiburg. At first, Chadwick thought the painting to not be ancient at all, and merely a joke by edgy teenagers, as the message plastered on the wall of the cave in amateur paint read “Roblox 2.” However, this was not the case.

After carbon dating the piece “just to be sure,” Chadwick realized that it is impossible that it was painted by teens, and instead, it was a painting by the ancients. The date produced was 3804BC, five millennia ago. At first Chadwick thought he had messed the tests up, however, after six field re-tests, and four additional tests at Yale, it seemed the results were in fact correct.

Chadwick quickly spread the results and the finding with the scientific community, causing many to be baffled and frankly surprised.

However, it wasn’t long until the Roblox community got word.

Millions of players began celebrating the finding, and proclaiming it as a “prophecy that must be fulfilled,” and “a sign from the ancients.” Fairly soon, petitions on began to reach hundreds of millions of signatures asking for Roblox 2.


Roblox Corporation CEO David Baszucki only minutes ago released an official statement:
“The recent findings by Chadwick Berns are remarkable, and frankly, I have always felt destined for greatness. Roblox 2 is officially under development, however, Roblox Corporation will not be undertaking this endeavour alone. Chief engineers from countries all across the world will be assisting us. Also, the UN and other individual nations will be providing us with 100% of their research and development budgets in order to pursue this development. I would personally like to thank the Roblox Community, and the unidentified author of the cave painting, for bringing our world to greatness.”

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