The Next Big Crypto Currency

Written by Musk Man

Satire, Investment, Crypto Currency, Robux, Bitcoin

While many are foaming at the mouth over crypto giants like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, our investors have set their eyes on the next craze: Robux.


An image of an in-game character bathing in the glory that is RBX.

A virtual currency invented for the online game Roblox, has currently exploded in value and has many considering substantial investment. Not only is it an up and coming currency, you can also invest on their “stock market” to buy stock in different items such as Rubber ducks, swords, or running animations.

Although it’s value is low as of now (.01 USD → 1 RBX), many anticipate a dramatic climb in value.

We suggest you invest as soon as possible, and good luck!

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