Harvard Study Shows Leonardo Da Vinci's IQ Was In The Millions

Written by Musk Man

Da Vinci Image

A new study conducted by Harvard researchers has revealed that famous inventor and Renaissance mind, Leonardo Da Vinci, had an IQ of over one million.

Many world leaders, professors, researchers, and even Elon Musk, who some consider Da Vinci’s modern day counterpart, have been left baffled at this finding.


When asked about the findings by Sky News, Elon Musk only responded by saying “How he do dat?”

Some, including West Virginia resident Humphrey Titus, have even begun worshipping Da Vinci because of his incredibly high IQ, saying that through worship will come a transcendence of his intelligence.

We decided to venture to Da Vinci’s resting place at the Chapel of Saint-Hubert in Amboise France to ask the man himself.

Da Vinci's Casket

Upon approaching his tomb, we flashed our reporter badges at the security guards, who immediately granted us clearance. We approached his tomb, and began asking his opinion of the matter. Sadly, we realized Da Vinci has been dead for four hundred and fifty years, and sadly, he only responded by saying “bruh lemme schleep.”

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