Despicable Me 3: Review

Written by Pablo Piccadio

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Despicable Me 3 was far inferior to its previous editions. The minions played no role in the plot, the villain was uninspired and boring, and the dynamic with Gru’s brother was not capitalized on. Initially I gave this movie a 4/10 because of the animation quality and the heist scene. In retrospect it deserves a 3.42/10.

Every scene with the minions felt forced. They did not contribute to the plot in anyway and it seemed they were only there to pad the movies run time and sell toys. When they left Gru he barely reacted at all the very next scene he seemingly forgot about it. The unicorn subplot with Gru’s daughter, Agnes, never amounted to anything besides a marketable one horned mountain goat. There was hardly any plot or character development despite an interesting idea of giving Gru a secret twin who was also a villain.


Speaking of villains, the relationship between Gru and Brat seemed to have some kind of hidden backstory but it was never capitalized on. Additionally Brat felt kind of out of nowhere and his whole character arc was already done in Barbie’s Princess and the Popstar. It would have made more sense if Gru wanted to return to crime and Brat continuously tried to make him do so. Then when Gru finds out his brother is also a villain he would again be tempted to return to crime. Instead we have a random villain that is beginning to feel like a trope at this point.


Finally Gru’s brother, Dru, is probably the most poorly capitalized on plot twist in history. He outright told Gru he was a villain just a few minutes after meeting him and he was a failure at that which made him far less likeable. By the end of the movie he hasn’t proven that he has improved at all either which caused his character to feel like a sad reflection of what Gru once was rather than being a challenge to Gru or a call for his return. Imagine if Gru began by chasing his brother, who he didn’t know existed at the time, and then went to his house to visit him. Instead of finding out then he would bond with his brother doing brotherly things then return home. Upon doing so he would see the minions had left and the next heist involves them and Dru. Gru is able to get there in time and that is when Dru is revealed as a villain to both Gru and the audience. This would cause the reveal to be far more effective and make the audience feel something.

The sheer amount of minion memes this movie will cause to be posted on facebook by middle-aged moms makes it an


out of 10

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