Cory In The House: Review

Written by Musk Man

Satire, Review

Cory In The House is a popular anime featuring Cory, the son of the chief White House chef. An anime, is a genre of film that originated from China, in which cartoon characters play the roles of ordinary human beings.

Cory In The Hous Anime

An image of the beloved Cory in the opeing theme of Cory In The House

Cory In The House as a whole entirely redefined a generation, and successfully broke down many social and economic barriers that had previously plagued our nation. The show metaphorically symbolized the hardships and struggles of the common people and presented it in an entertaining, yet scholarly way. Few recognize the talent of the writers and directors who assembled this under-appreciated masterpiece.

"Dang" - Cory Baxter, Whilst in the house

Overall, if you are looking for an artistically-crafted scholarly piece to binge watch by all means watch this show. However, it is quite hard to comprehend the symbolism and the nature of the intelligent jokes if you lack an understanding of theoretical physics.

Cory In The House is the cornerstone of modern intellectual comedies and a step in the right direction for the TV industry as a whole.


out of 10

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