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Written by Musk Man

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In the past few months, there has been a sharp rise in popularity amongst battle royal games. The two behemoths of the genre, Fortnite and PUBG, have garnered most of the attention. Because the spotlight has been on these fun, yet imperfect games for so long, players allowed a little-known Free-to-play battle royal game go unnoticed. That game is: Roblox Prison Royale by Team !mpact.

Roblox Title

This game, despite relative popularity on the innovate games platform Roblox, has fallen unnoticed amongst mainstream gamers.

The premise is simple, and familiar: land, survive.

Although geared more towards a younger audience, the game still boasts impeccable, life-like graphics, a sprawling, intricately designed map, a multitude of weapons, and quite polished controls.


An image of a colorful group of players waiting in the lobby for the match to begin

From the forty something hours I have spent playing, I can certainly, 100% undoubtedly tell you this is THE battle-royale game. This is the game everyone should be thirsting to play more of, this is the title esports conventions should be set up around.

I am certainly surprised at the lack of players, streamers, and sponsors supporting this game, and I believe this must change.

An image of my character sitting in a vehicle concealing his UMP-45, ready to massacre anyone who crosses his path

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